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I do love you, by the way.

I mean as much as I’m capable of loving anyone…

— which is never enough.

I’m sorry.



Though taken from Best Thing That Ever Happened, Bojack Horseman, S3.E9, I share this precise feeling.

当一个人可以没有愧疚地说出”刻薄”的话, 做出”自私”的事, 他才开始成为一个(有力的)生存机器.

We are just devices of our genes.

编程对dev来讲是工作 (employment), 对SA来讲应该只是手段 (means).



“You don’t have to be a homo to be a faggot. In fact, you don’t have to be a man to be a faggot.” — Kill the Messenger, Chris Rock