growth mindset

One of the problems of school is the balance between “teach stuff” and “teach how to learn”.

As it turns out, most of the stuff we learned in school aren’t so useful after a while — I bet you’ve forgotten your high school physics, chemistry, biology etc if you do not major in any of them.  I major in Computer Science, and I am still reasonably good in discrete math. In my opinion, people should just keep what really matters in their working memory, and be ready (and able) to learn new stuff.

In the same way, (most of) the stuff we learned in college won’t be so useful after all. Always keep in mind the fundamentals and practice learning.

What you learn doesn’t really matter, school is actually a place that teaches you how to learn. A person able to learn by himself is certainly more welcomed than someone else who needs guidance / walk-troughs / trainings. “Have something brought to the table, ‘cuz that makes you more welcome.” So just:

Learn something. Anything.


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