Hmm, this internship gives me the long-lost, normal feeling for Friday — “finally Friday!” :p — The first summer… wow motherfucker, there aint no weekends! not to mention Friday!  The second summer quite no sweat, I don’t go to workplace everyday, a bit slack. Right now, it is just cool, in terms of pressure.

Yes, you need some pressure to get yourself outside of your comfort zone, so you learn something. Let’s call it the learning zone. But if you are pushed too far away from the comfort zone (to the red zone), you are dead, man. fucking dead… as.. dead. And there is a tricky part: you’ve got to do this constantly, ‘cuz once you stay in learning zone for too long, that becomes your comfort zone. Ya, deliberate practice, that’s the word! Or self-inflicting pain, to put it in a funny way.

Just jotting down some random thoughts. :p

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