software engineering — feeling free or constrained

I dont feel free in real software engineering — I dont like documenting my codes. I mean, I dont like to be forced to do it. Ya Im  just a freak who may like something but will definitely be pissed of if the same thing is put as a must. No really having a reason, just dont feel free.

Documenting is good, I bet everyone has the xp when he cant recognize his own codes, and I am not deliberately making my code hard to read, but I expect maintainance guys after me having a minimal knowledge about what they are putting their hands on; so why bother putting comments like "implementation of ** hook"? This is not cool, absolutely not cool.

And also, people learn from reading other people’s codes. CODES. NOT comments. If you are a geek, I bet you were really turned on when you figured out wtf the previous guy’s damn codes are doing (hopefully in a smart way  😛 ) , without comments. — geeks dont really like documenting their codes, do they? Who the hell will get back to it when he cracks it, finally?

maybe I do prefer taking things apart than building them. At least it feels more free.

4 thoughts on “software engineering — feeling free or constrained

  1. tracy says:

    This is the world. Documenting is everywhere. Not only in sofeware engineering.Where there\’s teamwork, there\’s documenting. Take your responsiblity, MAN. It\’s not fair and not cool to blame the guys after you.

  2. Jialong says:

    ya, I hesitated when removing the last line "welcome to the real world".I am just not comfortable with the formats given, and truthfully speaking, some stuff are more expressive when they are written in codes than in so-called plain English, trust me 😀

  3. Jialong says:

    programmers like to curse when reading other people\’s codes, for some reasons or others, no matter how geek they are, or whether the codes are well documented — they just dont like any other people\’s codes! — codes are like children to the programmer. Though their own codes may not be the best among all, but they are the best to their owners, aren\’t them?

  4. Jialong says:

    So one way or another, you won\’t gonna please other programmers with your codes. I guess the "Crazy programmer" is a good casual reading, in my shared files. — It says a lot about programmers. Programmers are just that kind of people, geek to programmers, freak to others.p.s. (comment length limited, have to break to 3)

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