In fact , the class inspired me more than it taught. It is the kind of spirit in the class (or maybe prof’s personal charisma 😀 ) that makes everyone (well almost everyone) crazy about programming.

It took me lot of time, and I am not credited for 6 MCs, but it’s worth it. Life should not be evaled in terms of MCs.
It is worth it.
And I am goona take 3216, that is an even more intense module and less MCs than 1101S. I’m taking it. Life is not about MC and CAP. It about what and how well you learnt and ,more importantly for programmers, what you have implemented.
Life is not about what you get, life is about what you have done.
"Leave something in this world when you die, and that would be a meaningful life." 
all the YouTube clips. 😀
As a programmer, you die die must know how to write code, otherwise you are SCREWED !
…At the end of the class, you all will thank me…
Hey, I am teaching stuff even those Java guys are not taught.
I’ll leave it for you to figure out. Let’s move on.
I hope the next time you all see these codes,  you feel like they talk to you.
You must know what codes you need to look at, what codes you dont need to look at.
Some parts need brain, some parts definitely do not need brain.
It depends…
We did symbolic differentiation in 6 lines, and now we are gonna suffer implementing OOP.
Dont worry, if you dont understand generic arithmetic , we have this thing called ps4! You’ll be crystal clear.
Dont worry, if you dont understand OOP , we have this thing called ps6! You’ll be crystal clear.
Write a hundred thousand lines of codes. — 李开复也这么说过. 😀
Last lecture additions:

We are guys managing complexity.
O (stuff you know) << O (stuff you dont know)
"I believe …" Do you believe? Come on, you guys have something that you believe in? Believe in something. Anything.
What is PRIDE ?
Apply C(ommon) S(ense).
Do the right thing. Sometimes there would be consequences and it is hard to do the right thing, but just Do The Right thing.  — Christian wisdom 😀
….Hey, how to open this huh? *#$$>)@#$%*…. Linux is too better.
This is just the beginning.

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