Google! kick M$’s fat ass!

Google is so awesome. It has brought us search engine, Chrome, Google Wave, and the Linux-based Google OS is hatching. I am looking forward to that day, cos’ when that day comes, it not only indicates an era of a Linux distribution backed up by a strong International company, but also the TIME THAT M$ is screwed.

Think about it. Why are we so dependent on M$ ?? Not because how good is its technology, but how good are its officers at playing business games.– It has successfully monoplized the way we do things — with the prevail of Windows, documents are written in .doc , Surfing Internet we use IE , you wanna communicate? well M$ has a built-in package called MSN. I say again, M$’s success , to a great extent , is not due to its technology , but how good its officers at playing such biz stuff. You see it?

So, with Google ‘s launch of its OS , which integrates a whole bunch of such gadgets — Chrome vs. IE , Wave vs. MSN , Gmail vs. Hotmail, its OS vs Windows , or maybe Google vs. bing …. You see actually they all fit into place.

I look forward to that day , cos that day is when I would get completely rid of M$ (I still cant manage to get rid of .doc , .ppt although I am rid of Windoze) , and that day would be the beginning of M$’s nightmare.

p.s. Actually I feel kind of weird when writting, and I get it now — I am using Windows Live Space! — I feel so jialat.

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